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Artwork Guidelines For Basic Users

This page is for customers who DO NOT HAVE print-ready finished artwork. If you are a professional designer or have a similar level of computer graphic skills, Click here for our professional artwork guide.

sail flag

sail flag1

Follow this easy step-by-step How-To guide


You should tell us the precise font you want to use (eg. Arial, Verdana, Tahoma) and any variations on it (eg. Bold, Italic) and the exact colour. If you have a specific club or corporate colour and want us to match it, please use a Pantone reference from our downloadable Pantone chart. Click here to download a pdf file of Pantone colours.

Then you will need to have a high-resolution image file of your logo or photo part of your design. What’s high-resolution? As a rough guide, any image that you copied from the internet or a picture taken on a mobile phone will be unsuitable. Yes, it probably looks great on your computer, but your flag is much bigger than your monitor and by the time your image is enlarged many times to the right size, it will have degraded and look awful. You can of course send us a low-resolution image for quotation or discussion purposes only but it will probably not be much use in production.

Then you will need to download our general flag template – this comes as a 4-page .pdf document containing full instructions and examples.

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